author:paolorotolo stars:7891

Android Library to make a cool intro for your app.


author:Yalantis stars:2157

This project is an implementation of the User Profile Interface Animation.


author:omadahealth stars:1449

A Lollipop material design styled android pin-code library.


author:ppamorim stars:1226

The library was created in order to provide new animations for activities on Android.

author:klinker41 stars:1209

Android library which allows you to swipe down from an activity to close it.


author:daniel-stoneuk stars:965

Makes it easy to create a beautiful about screen for your app.


author:oxoooo stars:535

Pull down to finish an Activity.


author:passsy stars:481

Composition over inheritance


author:rubengees stars:467

An Android library to show an intro to your users.


author:Piasy stars:404

Build safely Android app, no more Activity not found, Activity state loss and NPE during fragment transaction!


author:MarcinMoskala stars:317

Android Library that provide simpler way to start the Activities with multiple arguments.


author:JessYanCoding stars:198

The LifecycleModel class is designed to store and manage UI-related data in a lifecycle conscious way, The LifecycleModel class allows data to survive configuration changes such as screen rotations, It also handles the communication of the Activity / Fragment with the rest of the application.


author:commonsguy stars:101

Once you start tugging on the thread of the master-detail pattern, you quickly realize that there are many other design patterns that Google recommends that would affect your implementation, such as using contextual action bars (a.k.a., action modes) for operations on content. Getting all of this design guidance to work, and dealing with classic Android challenges like configuration changes, results in a lot of infrastructure code, before you even begin to start writing actual business logic for the app.


author:sharish stars:78

This is a small attempt to attract users when they are using in app feature to send out an email. The usage of this repo serves the purpose like contacting the support desk, inviting another user over email or any other form of email based features.


author:yayaa stars:75

Track activities, getCurrentActivity, check whether application is running or not, finish all activities, and so on.


author:commonsguy stars:61

CWAC-Presentation: Second Screens Supported Succinctly


author:florent37 stars:59

Rx binding of new Android Architecture Component Lifecycle.


author:ykhdzr stars:52

An Android wrapper to simplify process for start an Activity.


author:zawadz88 stars:46

This library allows to use Material activity choosers on Jelly Bean+.


author:jlelse stars:38

SimpleUI is an Android library which helps you creating the activity UI more easier. You just have to configure the main things instead of coding them yourself.


author:webianks stars:22

Easily add Portfolio Activity in your android app.


author:samiuelson stars:21

Android library allowing to preserve instance of any object across orientation changes.


author:Ahmed-Adel-Ismail stars:19

A library that helps implementing Android's LifeCycleObserver interface for variables instead of Classes, for example:

author:S64 stars:17

An example project / library of outside layout activity.


author:mukeshsolanki stars:17

Now you can preserve object instance without any hassle during orientation change.


author:hananrh stars:17

An android library which enables activity/fragment fields retention through configuration changes (e.g screen rotatio) by generating boilerplate code for you.


author:shiraji stars:15

Android library that adds methods isForeground / isBackground / isReturnedFromBackground.


author:Metroxe stars:14

This library is an easy to use series of commands to interact with a hashmap across multiple fragments attached to any running activity. This also allows users to pass information between fragments, without a transaction or bundle.


author:Murtaza0xFF stars:11

StayWoke essentially has two features:


author:universum-studios stars:3

Simple universal framework for the Android platform that may be used as base for Activities and Fragments in Android applications.