author:evant stars:725

JobSchedulerCompat is a backport of Android Lollipop's JobScheduler to api 10+. All JobScheduler features are implemented.

author:googlesamples stars:589

Example of usage Android Jobs.


author:commonsguy stars:497

The recommended pattern for Android's equivalent to cron jobs and Windows scheduled tasks is to use AlarmManager. This works well when coupled with an IntentService, as the service will do its work on a background thread and shut down when there is no more work to do.


author:airk000 stars:390

Trigger is a back-port of JobScheduler mechanism from Android Lollipop.


author:KeithYokoma stars:40

Boogaloo is a task-retry manager with a certain back-off time.


author:flipkart-incubator stars:37

BatchMan (short for batch manager) is an android library implementation responsible for batching of events based on the configurations done by the client, and giving the batch back to the client.


author:jakebonk stars:36

A Android Library for persistent and time based notifications.