author:scelis stars:670

Twine is a command line tool for managing your strings and their translations. These strings are all stored in a master text file and then Twine uses this file to import and export strings in a variety of file types, including iOS and Mac OS X .strings files, Android .xml files, gettext .po files, and [jquery-localize][jquerylocalize] .json files.


author:akexorcist stars:278

Keep calm and stay easy with multiple language supported in your android application.


author:ahmedaljazzar stars:55

Rosetta is an Android library that helps your app supporting multiple languages and switching between them without causing any headaches.

author:jordanjoz1 stars:40

Python script that checks for missing string translations in your project's localized languages.


author:franmontiel stars:36

An Android library to programmatically set the Locale of an app and persist the configuration.

author:4e6 stars:32

android-localization-helper helps to find missing or obsolete translations for android resources.


author:metalurgus stars:29

Library to help you switch between different locales in your app without having to recreate() activity for the changes to take affect.


author:s0nerik stars:19

A flexible tool for application localization using Google Sheets.


author:javierpe stars:18

AndroidAppTranslate translates an Android application resource, easy and fast!


author:SzyQ stars:10

stringX SDK is a single integrated platform delivering automated translation of your app to over 100 languages. It works from the user perspective the same way as web pages on chrome. User can choose whether to use translated version of the app or one with default locale.


author:ezaquarii stars:10

Mobile String Toolkit is a handy Python 3 script that helps managing translation texts for mobile applications.