author:skylot stars:15516

jadx - Dex to Java decompiler.


author:pxb1988 stars:4910

Tools to work with android .dex and java .class files.


author:facebook stars:4027

ReDex is an Android bytecode (dex) optimizer originally developed at Facebook. It provides a framework for reading, writing, and analyzing .dex files, and a set of optimization passes that use this framework to improve the bytecode. An APK optimized by ReDex should be smaller and faster than its source.


author:mihaip stars:2480

Simple tool to output per-package method counts in an Android DEX executable grouped by package, to aid in getting under the 65,536 referenced method limit.


author:asLody stars:1261

It is generally known that load an unoptimized Dex file at runtime in Android (especially in ART mode) would take a long time. When your App is using MultiDex or PluginFramework, You will find that this problem is hard to bear.


author:linkedin stars:910

A Java-language API for doing compile time or runtime code generation targeting the Dalvik VM. Unlike cglib or ASM, this library creates Dalvik .dex files instead of Java .class files.


author:zyq8709 stars:839

DexHunter aims at unpacking hardened dex file automatically.


author:JakeWharton stars:519

A simple utility which lists all method references in a dex file.


author:lukeFalsina stars:396

Grab'n Run (aka GNR) is a simple and effective Java Library that you can easily add to your Android projects to perform secure dynamic class loading operations.


author:mmin18 stars:356

Unable to execute dex: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536)


author:plum-umd stars:113

Redexer is a reengineering tool that manipulates Android app binaries. This tool is able to parse a DEX file into an in-memory data structure; to infer with which parameters the app uses certain permissions; to modify and unparse that data structure to produce an output DEX file.


author:Qihoo360 stars:97

This project allows to dump files from oat dex tool.


author:futuresimple stars:31

Tool to output method counts in Android APK grouped by package.