author:emilsjolander stars:5325

StickyListHeaders is an Android library that makes it easy to integrate section headers in your ListView. These section headers stick to the top like in the new People app of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This behavior is also found in lists with sections on iOS devices. This library can also be used without the sticky functionality if you just want section headers.


author:beworker stars:2588

Easy to use ListView with pinned sections for Android. Pinned section is a header view which sticks to the top of the list until at least one item of that section is visible.


author:sfsheng0322 stars:2480

ListView with a sticky header.


author:Frank-Zhu stars:2187

An Android custom ListView and ScrollView with pull to zoom-in.


author:TonicArtos stars:1466

StickyGridHeaders is an Android library that provides a GridView that shows items in sections with headers. By default the section headers stick to the top like the People app in Android 4.x but this can be turned off. StickyGridHeaders also automatically sizes its rows to the largest item in the row.


author:eowise stars:968

recyclerview-stickyheaders is an Android library that makes it easy to integrate section headers in your RecyclerView.


author:emilsjolander stars:925

A small android library for tagging views inside a ScrollView as sticky making them stick to the top of the scroll container until a new sticky view comes and takes it's place.


author:carlonzo stars:830

This is a very simple library for Android that allows you to stick an header to a ListView and easily apply animation to it.


author:lurbas stars:550

Implementation of List Item from Material Design guidelines.


author:bhavyahmehta stars:441

Awesome Listview filter functionality in Android.


author:DWorkS stars:396

AStickyHeader is a simple library for adding Sticky Headers to ListView or GridView. Usage is very simple, it supports all kinds of Adapters.


author:AndroidDeveloperLB stars:339

ListViewVariants provides special ways to handle ListViews, including PinnedHeaderListView in Lollipop's Contacts-app style.


author:Kenber stars:270

An Android library for double level section headers that sticks to the top of list.


author:pchauhan stars:160

FilterSelectorListView is useful for making multiple selection with see selection on the top of ListView.


author:emmano stars:126

It is a custom ListView with a header that displays pictures from an URL. It then adds a nice blur/parallax effect to the downloaded picture. It also provides the option of a sticky title. Here is a video of it in action.


author:LeonardoCardoso stars:126

Animated Expanding ListView provides a fancy animation on expanding or collapsing the content of a listview item.


author:Joseph82 stars:67

This library allows you to create a list of items that are pinned by a floating label (text or image) on the left of the list.


author:tallan stars:15

The Letter-Section-List Library allows developers to easily include a letter section heading in alpha numeric sorted list views. Since this feature comes out of the box in ios clients this library is valuable in providing consistency across iOS and android applications.