author:etsy stars:4696

An Android staggered grid view which supports multiple columns with rows of varying sizes.


author:Comcast stars:2450

A layout engine for Android that decouples layouts from the View containers that manage scrolling and view recycling. FreeFlow makes it really easy to create custom layouts and beautiful transition animations as data and layouts change.


author:maurycyw stars:1675

A modified version of Android's experimental StaggeredGridView. Includes own OnItemClickListener and OnItemLongClickListener, selector, and fixed position restore.


author:felipecsl stars:1571

An Android custom ListView that implements multiple columns and variable sized elements.

author:liaohuqiu stars:1301

android-GridViewWithHeaderAndFooter is a GridView with Header and Footer.


author:askerov stars:863

Drag and drop GridView for Android.


author:wedcel stars:655

This is a versatile extension for GridView.


author:jess-anders stars:642

An Android GridView that can be configured to scroll horizontally or vertically.


author:jacobmoncur stars:565

QuiltView displays views of different sizes in a scrollable grid.


author:nicolasjafelle stars:285

Basically is a GridView with the ability to add more items on it when reaches the end of the list.

author:GreaseMonk stars:141

A timetable designed for planning employees to projects.


author:mikepenz stars:117

AnimatedGridView extends the default GridView and adds some new functions to animate the deletion of rows. You just have to choose the AnimatedGridView and extend the AnimatedAdapter.


author:huxq17 stars:96

HandyGridView is a high-performance drag and drop GridView, it extends GridView, you can drag drop GridView item to sort the labels, and draw something on the GridView. Just use the HandyGridView like a GridView.


author:GreaseMonk stars:62

SpannableBar is a Grid-style spannable bar, that is useful when you need a way to span a bar over columns. The view allows you to set the starting column, the span, the number of columns, and more.


author:SpongeBobSun stars:56

Drag & Drop GridView on Android.


author:riontech-xten stars:56

A simple and attractive custom text GridView design based on material concepts.


author:ceryle stars:43

This library fits your GridView with its contents to a given size.


author:andyb129 stars:22

A library that gives you a slant on the traditional Grid Recycler View!