author:JakeWharton stars:4513

Java implementation of a Disk-based LRU cache which specifically targets Android compatibility.


author:yangfuhai stars:3076

A simple cache for android and java.


author:VictorAlbertos stars:2016

Inspired by Retrofit api, RxCache is a reactive caching library for Android and Java which turns your caching needs into an interface.


author:chrisbanes stars:837

Android-BitmapCache is a specialised cache, for use with Android Bitmap objects.


author:anupcowkur stars:655

Reservoir is a simple library for Android that allows you to easily serialize and cache your objects to disk using key/value pairs.


author:vincentbrison stars:510

Android dual-cache library provides a cache with 2 layers: one cache in RAM and another on local storage.


author:mitmel stars:495

An image download-and-cacher that also knows how to efficiently generate and retrieve thumbnails of various sizes.


author:candrews stars:293

The HttpResponseCache library provides transparent and automatic caching of HTTP and HTTPS requests that use the classes.


author:cache2k stars:258

One of the fastest caching libraries for Java. Lots of features for advanced integrations of external systems: (Variable entry) expiry, exception handling with configurable resilience, loaders/writers, events, statistics. Configuration can also be done via XML (optional feature).


author:VictorAlbertos stars:243

A reactive cache for Android and Java which honors the Observable chain.


author:iainconnor stars:222

A simple cache for Objects in Android.


author:Instagram stars:170

Exception handling is always a cumbersome but unavoidable part of dealing with disk cache on Android. Complex error handling not only makes your code hard to understand, but also prone to developer errors. IgDiskCache is a fault-tolerant Android disk cache library that helps simplify the error handling logic and makes your file caching code cleaner and much easier to maintain.


author:fhucho stars:131

This is an easy to use disk cache which uses DiskLruCache under the hood. The DiskLruCache is nice, but it has too low level interface for most use cases.


author:westlinkin stars:127

This is a simple Android utils library to write any type of data into cache files and then read them later, using Gson to serialize and deserialize these data.


author:kittinunf stars:100

A simple generic LRU memory/disk cache for Android written in Kotlin.


author:eveliotc stars:93

A simple in memory and persistent Object cache for Android.


author:pakoito stars:88

RxObservableDiskCache is a library to save the results of Singles or single value Observables request on a local disk cache, so the next time the same request is called you get an immediate result.


author:lowlevel-studios stars:83

An Android library to cache any serializable objects to disk, using a LRU cache implementation, with the possibility to specify an expiry time for each entry and a maximum size that can be allocated.


author:nicolasjafelle stars:74

Qachee is a generic cache system to use specially for Android Apps. It is just a LRU Memory cache with policy expiration and lots of useful methods.


author:hotchemi stars:52

A tiny, thread safe memory cache implementation which uses a LRU policy.


author:iagocanalejas stars:34

This library provides an easy way for configure retrofit for use a 2 layer cache (RAM and Disk).


author:kuassivi stars:31

Proxy Cache Manager annotation that helps you to cache your repository method calls.


author:AleksanderMielczarek stars:21

Library allows to cache Observables during orientation change. It's useful during HTTP request, which must be performed only once. After onComplete, Observables are automatically removed from cache.


author:ronghao stars:20

CacheManage for Android.


author:Guilherme-HRamos stars:18

Now it's very easy to save objects and lists! Caching + Gson = Easy Save. Save objects and lists like preferences, with the power of caching!


author:diareuse stars:17

RxJava2 based caching mechanism. Simple to use yet very powerful.


author:Kishanjvaghela stars:14

A simple cache for android.


author:MFlisar stars:12

This is a minimal library without dependencies that offers a simple cache file provider.


author:pcpl2 stars:7

A simple library for saving data in the cache and reading them.


author:S64 stars:3

Policy-based cache container for Java, Android.