author:iPaulPro stars:1648

Android library that provides a file explorer to let users select files on external storage.


author:DroidNinja stars:1579

A photopicker to select and click photos and document picker to select different types of documents.


author:nbsp-team stars:790

Material file picker library for Android


author:spacecowboy stars:630

A file/directory-picker for android. Implemented as a library project.

author:codekidX stars:534

A pretty and simple storage/directory chooser library for 4.4+ devices. This library was created to be included in OpenGApps App. There are too many storage chooser out there but this one is too materially :stuckouttongue: . Easy to implement and does not take a lot of your valueable time in setting-up all the other necessary things that every developer seeks, like

author:Angads25 stars:474

Android Library to select files/directories from Device Storage.


author:passy stars:467

A simple directory chooser you can integrate into your Android app.


author:FirzenYogesh stars:408

FileListerDialog helps you to list and pick file/directory for Android.


author:dibakarece stars:175

It's a simple android file explorer. You can see all internal and external files.


author:TonicArtos stars:78

A file picker fragment for Android that can be embedded in your app.


author:DeveloperPaul123 stars:77

Simple library that allows for picking of files and directories. This is a clean and simple way to allow your user to easily select a file. This library is inspired by Android L and the new Material Design guidelines adding to its sleekness and beauty.


author:adityak368 stars:63

A FileBrowser / FileChooser for Android that you can integrate to your app to browse/select files from internal/external storage.


author:ingyesid stars:61

Little library for choose file from SDCard in android 2.2+


author:zendesk stars:54

Zero permissions file picker for Android.

author:hedzr stars:53

A lightweight file/folder chooser, chained calls style.


author:MostafaNasiri stars:46

Android File Chooser is a simple and customizable file/directory chooser dialog which you can use in your apps to let your users select a file or directory based on your needs.


author:TurhanOz stars:42

A simple android library that lets user select a directory.


author:jfmdev stars:34

Android library which implements a simple and easy to use file chooser.


author:jaiselrahman stars:30

A FilePicker library for Android for selecting different types of files such as images, audios, videos, documents and also to capture Images and Videos.

author:kashifo stars:29

A light-weight android library that can be quickly integrated into any app to let users choose folder, also files (but esp built for folders).


author:aerdy stars:27

Android - FilePickerFilter Library.


author:tiagohm stars:21

Android Material Design File Chooser.


author:kingfisherphuoc stars:15

An easy file / folder picker dialog fragment which is easily to implement. Nothing special is required, you just need to add few lines of code!

author:Arjun-sna stars:14

Android library to provide chooser for files in external storage.


author:isabsent stars:6

File and folder picker dialog.