author:sharish stars:848

CreditCardView is a custom view to work with Credit Cards / Debit Cards.


author:vinaygaba stars:653

CreditCardView is an Android library that allows developers to create the UI which replicates an actual Credit Card.

author:adonixis stars:549

Implementation of credit card form in material design.


author:dbachelder stars:476

This library provides an elegant form for credit card entry that can be easily added to a activity or fragment. Regex is used to validate credit card types and a Luhn check is performed on the card numbers.


author:KingsMentor stars:228

Smooth UI for Credit Card Entry on Android device, perform check for supported credit card types , pan length and luhn check. Inspired by Uber credit card entry interface.


author:Movile stars:146

A real life simulation of a credit card for android.


author:aliHafizji stars:121

This library is an extension of Android's EditText control. Its purpose is to detect the type of credit card from the numbers that are entered in it. It also provides an interface through which more patterns can be added. Once a pattern is found it displays the appropriate image next to the number.


author:Morxander stars:89

Custom EditText for Android to enter credit card numbers.


author:Mostafa-MA-Saleh stars:29

Custom EditText for entering Credit Card numbers, it'll also display the image of the card number type being entered (after entering the first two digits). And it supports adding a separator (spaces or dashes) after every four digits.


author:geeckmc stars:26

A better Android credit/debit card interactive form without writing a lot of code


author:prolificinteractive stars:25

Tools for working with a house of (credit) cards.


author:sathley stars:19

A simple custom view based on EditText that lets you validate credit card numbers.


author:tomjhall stars:8

StripeCardEntry makes a simple and elegant credit card entry UI of Stripe and ports this to the Android Platform. In a nutshell StripeCardEntry has: