author:afollestad stars:13913

material-dialogs library allows you to use a consistently Material themed dialog on all versions of Android, along with specific customizations that make it easier to brand the dialog.


author:pedant stars:5975

sweet-alert-dialog is a library to show beautiful alert dialogs.


author:orhanobut stars:3991

Simple and easy dialog for Android. Instead of using dialog/fragments, normal view will be shown as dialog. It's customizable component and have 3 different content holder.


author:sd6352051 stars:2334

Nifty Modal Dialog Effects look like this.

author:avast stars:2154

android-styled-dialogs is a simple library for styling Android dialogs in the Holo theme. It also removes boilerplate code for displaying simple dialogs.


author:drakeet stars:2121

An Android dialog library, has strong extensibility, customizability, and for conveniently building Material Design Dialog in Android version 2.2 ~ L.


author:H07000223 stars:1927

Android Dialog Library that you can directly use default inner dialog and default animation. It has 6 kinds of dialog and many kings of show and dismiss animations inside.


author:pingpongboss stars:1216

StandOut lets you easily create floating windows in your Android app.


author:javiersantos stars:974

Android Library that shows a beautiful and customizable Material designed dialog with header.


author:yarolegovich stars:867

This library is a set of simple wrapper classes that are aimed to help you easily create fancy material dialogs.


author:d-max stars:805

Android AlertDialog with moving spots progress indicator packed as android library.


author:javiersantos stars:541

Android Library that shows a customizable Material-based bottom sheet.


author:fengdai stars:462

This project can make it easy to theme and custom Android's dialog. Also contains Holo and Material themes for old devices.


author:geniusforapp stars:366

A customisable AlertDialog for Android.

author:mirrajabi stars:328

An awesome and customizable search dialog with built-in search options.


author:appwise-labs stars:253

A beautiful Dialog which appears when you have lost your Internet connection.


author:skydoves stars:240

A library that let you implement ColorPickerView, ColorPickerDialog, ColorPickerPreference. Could get HSV color, RGB values, Html color code from your gallery pictures or custom images just by touching.


author:Shashank02051997 stars:208

Make your native android Dialog Fancy and Gify. A library that takes the standard Android Dialog to the next level with a variety of styling options and Gif's. Style your dialog from code.


author:Shashank02051997 stars:146

Make your native android Dialog Fancy. A library that takes the standard Android Dialog to the next level with a variety of styling options. Style your dialog from code.


author:ashishbhandari stars:120

Android Tabbed Dialog which contains fragments.


author:Codigami stars:112

CFAlertDialog is a library that helps you display super awesome dialogs on Android. It offers an adaptive UI support with tons of customisation options. This will save a lot of time for you.


author:michaelbel stars:96

BottomSheet dialogs library for Android with material design concept. Bottom sheets slide up from the bottom of the screen to reveal more content.


author:blennerSilva stars:87

Awesome dialog is a simple wrapper class to allow user to make awesome dialogs and replace the usual dialog from android.


author:eltos stars:54

A collection of easy to use and extendable DialogFragment's. Futures easy result handling and persistance on rotation with a minimum of code.


author:nidhinvv stars:51

A custom alert library for android. Similar to SCLAlertView-Swift library.


author:maltaisn stars:40

A fully customizable calculator dialog for Android. Can be used to replace the numeric keyboard and useful to enter monetary amounts.


author:mjn1369 stars:30

PrettyDialog is an Android Dialog library which is the customizable equivalent of SCLAlertView in iOS.


author:Livin21 stars:25

Android ProgressDialog brought back to life.


author:Teknasyon-Teknoloji stars:16

A dependency-free android dialog library.


author:Haegon stars:10

NativeDialog gives a simple code to add AlertDialog in your code. Building 'AlertDialog' is always annoying because builder code is so complicate. Make 'AlertDialog' with this library and develop your application effectively.