author:FortAwesome stars:57140

Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized - size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.


author:chrisjenx stars:7867

Calligraphy - custom fonts in Android the easy way.

author:JoanZapata stars:3570

Iconify allows you to include any of the FontAwesome 4.1.0 icons by Dave Gandy in your texts, your ActionBar, and even in your EditTexts. Icons are infinitely scalable, and customizable with shadows and everything you can do on texts.


author:lisawray stars:792

A full example of custom fonts in XML using data binding and including font caching.


author:vsvankhede stars:383

A simple and useful android library to use custom fonts in android apps without adding fonts into asset/resource folder. Also by using this library developer should not have to worry about Typeface object creation for every new font that he use.


author:smart-fun stars:277

Smart Fonts is an Android Studio Library which makes it easy to use Custom Fonts (TTF or OTF) in your apps. It handles the Android text widgets (TextView, EditText, CheckBox, RadioButton...). You can add any other widgets easily, including your own classes!


author:johnkil stars:233

Android-Icon-Fonts project contains material and Holo iconic fonts.


author:johnkil stars:185

A lightweight Android library for use iconic fonts.


author:neopixl stars:156

Custom visual components.


author:tsengvn stars:142

Typekit is a library that help you quick change default font of your android application. You don't need to add any custom view or tag to your current xml layout file. You make a quick config in your application class and change the font that you need specific for a style.


author:Pixplicity stars:141

Custom fonts without writing code.


author:kazy1991 stars:130

Convert Icon-font (e.g. font-awesome) to Drawable or Bitmap for Android.


author:Drivemode stars:107

Helper object for injecting typeface into various text views of android.


author:scopely stars:84

Fontain is a lightweight library for displaying text in custom fonts in your Android applications


author:EngrAhsanAli stars:78

AACustomFont is a lightweight custom font binder in XML directly in TextView, Button, EditText, RadioButton, CheckBox tags. The library is aimed to avoid custom views for custom fonts in XML and to minimize the JAVA code for setting the TypeFaces for each view.


author:vanniktech stars:75

This is an easy to use custom preference, which opens a dialog with a list of available fonts. The selected font gets automatically saved and you are able to set the font directory as well as the defaultValue.


author:danh32 stars:55

Fontify is an Android library project providing drop-in replacements for all Android TextView subclasses, allowing developers to apply custom fonts via xml layouts and/or styles.


author:mehdok stars:46

TextView, EditText and Button with custom fonts with normal, bold and thin style for different languages.


author:raveeshbhalla stars:35

CustomType allows you to easily use different typfaces in your app. It was created to initially work with the Roboto family of fonts, but has since been adapted to allow you to use any typeface that you would like.


author:Livin21 stars:35

DroidAwesome is a library to display FontAwesome Icons in any View or a MenuItem.


author:MoraisIgor stars:31

FontDroid is a small library that gives the ability to use custom fonts in an Android application. You can use any font with extension .TTF or .OTF.


author:androidmads stars:27

A Tiny Font Utility Library used to apply custom Fonts to Toolbar, NavigationView, Menu, Submenu and Other Views like EditText, TextView, etc.


author:MarcinOrlowski stars:27

Fonty is Android library allowing you to easily change the typeface of your UI elements. Contrary to other implementations Fonty is designed with the assumption that if you want to change the font for your app, then you change it globally per whole application, to achieve consistency across your Fragments or Activities.


author:TheBrownArrow stars:22

Custom-Typeface is a library to add custom fonts in android. By using this library you can easily set custom font on TextView, EditText, Button, CheckBox, RadioButton and AutoCompleteTextView and other wedgets in android. You can set custom typeface easily in XML.


author:mta452 stars:21

Tehreer is a library which gives full control over following text related technologies.


author:ppicas stars:20

custom-typeface is an Android library to apply custom typefaces directly from layouts, styles or themes.


author:shashkiranr stars:14

MultiFontViewKotlin library can be used to select custom fonts for the view dynamically in your XML.


author:shashkiranr stars:14

MultiFontView library can be used to select custom fonts for the view dynamically in your XML. The library loads the custom fonts using a font cache.


author:Raizlabs stars:12

UniversalFontComponents is a library that allows you to set a custom font in xml for all your TextViews. You can also set a library-provided Roboto font so that your fonts are consistent across different versions of Android.


author:universum-studios stars:7

Support for applying of custom font to widgets for the Android platform.