author:benas stars:505

Random Beans is a library that generates random Java beans.


author:cesarferreira stars:430

A Library with fluent API for generating random user data. Like Lorem Ipsum, but for people.


author:thiagokimo stars:231

Faker provides fake data to your Android apps. Now it's very handy to make screenshots of your apps without worrying with Google Play copyright infringments. Faker helps you to populate your views with random data quickly and painlessly.


author:blocoio stars:132

Generates fake data for testing or populating a development database. Run your tests with realistic data like names, emails, dates, countries.


author:android-Infoedge stars:46

This is mainly core java project. It solves the problem of valid and meaningful random data generation in code flow itself (rather than parsing some random data file and loading data into some list).


author:slm stars:35

Simple random data generator for Android.


author:equinox-one stars:28

Library to automatically populate models, to be used in automatic tests or user made tests.


author:campusappcn stars:20

Rog is an object generator designed for android test. It can create objects and set random values to their fields.