author:iluwatar stars:37115

Design pattern samples implemented in Java.


author:antoniolg stars:5360

MVP Android Example used to explain how to use this MVP pattern in Android apps.


author:sockeqwe stars:4751

A Model-View-Presenter framework for modern Android apps.

author:ivacf stars:3197

This repository showcases and compares different architectural patterns that can be used to build Android apps. The exact same sample app is built three times using the following approaches:


author:dbacinski stars:2195

Design Patterns implemented in Kotlin.


author:konmik stars:1981

Nucleus is an Android library which helps to use the Model-View-Presenter pattern.


author:Arello-Mobile stars:1375

Moxy is Android library based on MVP pattern.


author:LuckyJayce stars:1372

Collection of useful classes to design MVC applications.


author:RoboBinding stars:1331

A data-binding Presentation Model (MVVM) framework for the Android platform.


author:Kelin-Hong stars:1295

A toolkit help to build Android MVVM Application.


author:6thsolution stars:1211

A powerful, and very simple MVP library with annotation processing and bytecode weaving.


author:grandcentrix stars:966

ThirtyInch - a MVP library for Android.


author:jlmd stars:523

Project created for autolearning with Material Design and Android good practices to develop a MVP (Model View Presenter) application using a mocked list of upcoming movies as the domain of the application.


author:MaksTuev stars:448

Simple and powerful MVP library for Android.


author:lurbas stars:298

Android Application sample of how to implement Master/Detail pattern that follows Material Design visual language.

author:jpotts18 stars:207

This repository demonstrates the Model View Presenter architecture.


author:kejunxia stars:188

Android MVC/MVP/MVVM framework.


author:fabioCollini stars:183

Android MVVM lightweight library.


author:Raizlabs stars:144

A very, very compact library that enables you to create on-demand singletons within your application and easily store them to disk. Utilizing a dead-simple API, this library makes creating singletons and persisting data much more fun!

author:derohimat stars:133

Android Base MVP Concept with RXJava, Dagger, Event Bus, Retrofit, Glide, OkHTTP, Butterknife.


author:BlackBoxVision stars:42

Helper classes to build Android Apps through MVP pattern in a faster way.


author:thepacific stars:32

A pure MVC base library on android. Using it, your code can be very clean in MVC pattern: light Activity, light View, light Model.


author:Ne1c stars:31

Lightweight Android MVP library with easy implementation.


author:Bodo1981 stars:29

This is an extension for the mosby library. It contains a few default activities and fragments which are often used in android development (e.g. Activity with Toolbar, Activity with Tabs, Fragment with RecyclerView, ...)

author:radzio stars:29

Command design pattern implementation for Android Data Binding.


author:ezhome stars:21

A Reactive Presenter library for MVP pattern for modern Android Apps. This library follows the lifecycle of an android app components (Activity, AppCompatActivity, Fragment, DialogFragment). Specifically relies on RxLifecycle by Trello.


author:Ahmed-Adel-Ismail stars:19

An annotation-processing based library that helps avoiding big if/else blocks through the Command pattern, where every block is declared in a separate method, and this method is annotated with @Command, and this command is triggered if the key mentioned in the @Command meets the condition expected. No Reflections used.


author:stokito stars:15

JPatterns is a collection of annotations that should make it easier to communicate the use of Design Patterns within your code to your fellow developers and your future self.


author:praslnx8 stars:12

Kickstarter MVP framework for android projects.


author:iagocanalejas stars:9

Library to help developers build full MVP apps.