author:TeamAmaze stars:2062

Amaze File Manager source code.

author:sromku stars:659

Library to create, read, delete, append, encrypt files and more, on internal or external disk spaces with a really simple API.


author:pavlospt stars:406

Rx methods to get a File and Image or Video thumbnails from any DocumentProvider on Android (Drive, Dropbox, Photos etc)


author:Gridstone stars:360

A tiny library that assists in saving and restoring objects to and from disk using RxJava on Android.


author:PrashamTrivedi stars:69

A helper class to write files in external android storage.


author:polok stars:68

Localify is a small library which allows to load a content from files which are stored under assets and/or raw directory. It can be useful when you have to load some init data or during tests to load mock data.


author:JonathanMerritt stars:50

An RxJava2 implementation of the Android AssetManager.


author:phajduk stars:41

Reactive wrapper around Android's FileObserver.


author:kgmyshin stars:33

Goreinu allows to copy application files on sdcard.


author:1singhmanmeet stars:6

It is a library for Android that lets you to explore your device file system. It gives you an easy access to files and directories. You can get direct intent for file to run it on your device that matches with file type.


author:ankitdubey021 stars:3

Using this library, you can easily extract jar file using android app.