author:square stars:5642

JavaPoet is a Java API for generating .java source files.


author:alibaba stars:3909

Dexposed is a powerful yet non-invasive runtime AOP (Aspect-oriented Programming) framework for Android app development, based on the work of open-source Xposed framework project.


author:crmulliner stars:859

Simple binary instrumentation toolkit for Android ARM + Thumb.


author:crmulliner stars:329

Simple and easy to use toolkit for dynamic instrumentation of Dalvik code. Instrumentation is based on library injection and hooking method entry points (in-line hooking). The actual instrumentation code is written using the JNI interface.


author:crimsonwoods stars:187

Extended Javassist for Android. DEX (ODEX) file can be made from .class file that is generated by Javassist.


author:agrosner stars:47

KPoet is a Kotlin extensions library on top of JavaPoet that helps you write code generators / annotation processors that feel like actually writing Java code directly. It provides a Kotlin DSL syntax that resembles real java code as much as possible. Also it attempts to make the code generator writing clear as writing native java code itself.


author:yongjhih stars:24

JavaPoet Simple Builder.


author:renaudcerrato stars:24

Minimalist, annotation based, hook framework for Android built on top of AspectJ.