author:google stars:15754

Every major open-source project has its own style guide: a set of conventions (sometimes arbitrary) about how to write code for that project. It is much easier to understand a large codebase when all the code in it is in a consistent style.


author:nickbutcher stars:11436

Plaid is a showcase of material design that we hope you will keep installed. It pulls in news & inspiration from Designer News, Dribbble & Product Hunt. It demonstrates the use of material principles to create tactile, bold, understandable UIs.


author:navasmdc stars:8791

MaterialDesignLibrary is a library with components of Android L to you use in android 2.2


author:chrisbanes stars:7547

Demos the new Android Design library. This is not an exhaustive sample, but shows some of the important features in the Design library:


author:rey5137 stars:5559

MaterialLibrary is an Open Source Android library that back-port Material Design components to pre-Lollipop Android.

author:googlesamples stars:4915

A fun to play quiz that showcases material design on Android.


author:Tapadoo stars:3869

A simple, and elegant alerting library. This library aims to overcome the limitations of Toasts and Snackbars, while reducing the complexity of your layouts. Easily integrated into any project.


author:Bilibili stars:2808

MagicaSakura is an Android multi theme library which supporting both daily colorful theme and night theme.


author:ZieIony stars:2118

Material Design implementation for Android 2.2 and newer. This is not the exact copy of the Lollipop's API and features. It's a custom implementation of the most useful things as shown in the design specification. The library also features some additional non-standard extensions, like rounded corners for layouts or a Divider view for easy divider creation.


author:afollestad stars:1693

Aesthetic is an easy to use, fast, Rx-powered theme engine for Android applications.


author:DmitryMalkovich stars:1344

Default colors and dimens per Material Design guidelines and Android Design guidelines inside one library.


author:florent37 stars:1227

With Arc Layout explore new styles and approaches on material design.

author:mwolfson stars:964

This app is designed to demonstrate the various components of the Android Support libraries, in particular, showing how to implement Material design into your app, using these controls.


author:AoDevBlue stars:769

All the values from the Material Design guidelines defined in resources for Android.


author:52inc stars:767

Android library for managing and applying multiple themes and custom theme modification.


author:ashqal stars:572

It is an experimental project for switching day/night mode on Andorid.


author:hanks-zyh stars:416

A TODO list application with Material Design.


author:negusoft stars:406

Android library to customize the Holo theme with a custom accent color. The color can even be set programmatically, allowing the UI to change dynamically.

author:consp1racy stars:325

Android Preferences according to Material design specs.


author:k0shk0sh stars:297

Fast Access (Floating Toolbox)


author:andrzejchm stars:230

DroidMVP is a small Android library to help you incorporate the MVP pattern along with Passive View and Presentation Model within your Android project.


author:rafakob stars:175

With DrawMe you can easily create views with custom background shapes using only XML layout files.


author:achenglike stars:173

A night model lib to change app's night theme easy. You do not need to restart Activity.


author:maannajjar stars:166

It's a framework for building Android UI in Kotlin code by using the concept of virtual views and reactive data flow, the goal is to reduce boilerplate while retaining the same Android layout constructs.


author:TheKhaeng stars:110

Very lightweight library for Android developers that facilitate how you use XML resources, especially if you strictly follow Google material design principle. This library is mostly about XML resources. For example, colors that is defined by the principle or dimension sizes that is divisible by 4dp. The guideline is here. Google Material guideline V.2.


author:florent37 stars:106

OCiney is a sample app implementing several UI and UX patterns.


author:nhaarman stars:83

Triad is a tiny Android library which enables use of the Model-View-Presenter pattern in an easy way. It uses custom Views to replace the dreaded Fragments, and introduces Presenter classes to separate business logic from view logic. Since the Presenters are plain Java objects, tests for these classes can run blazingly fast on a local JVM.


author:DeveloperPaul123 stars:51

This is a simple library that provides some unique components for aiding in making apps comply with the material design guidelines.


author:androidessence stars:41

This library provides an easy and quick way to access the entire material design color palette and elevation values, along with some neat helper methods like random access to material design colors.