author:pushtorefresh stars:2622

Modern API for SQLiteDatabase and ContentProvider.


author:SimonVT stars:1293

Automatically generate a ContentProvider backed by an SQLite database.

author:BoD stars:622

A tool to generate an Android ContentProvider. It takes a set of entity (a.k.a table) definitions as the input, and generates:


author:novoda stars:312

sqlite-provider implements a ContentProvider for you that allows database access using Uris The library is meant to augment the ContentProvider interface to fit SQLite in a more pronounced way. The aim is to set convention on queries via Uris.


author:foxykeep stars:303

This project is a code generator written in Java used to generate Android code. Given a database schema JSON definition file, it will generate all the code you need to add the corresponding ContentProvider in your project.


author:EverythingMe stars:276

Work easy with Android built-in and custom content providers data + Stetho extension + Sample app.


author:mediarain stars:255

RoboCoP is a Java library that can generate a fully-functional ContentProvider from a simple JSON schema file.


author:TimotheeJeannin stars:243

Easily make a ContentProvider from an annotated ContractClass.


author:jakenjarvis stars:178

This is a library that easy to make using ContentProvider with OrmLite.


author:hamsterksu stars:165

Android library for auto generating SQL schema and Content Provider by annotations. You will get a full-featured content provider in 5 minutes!


author:commonsguy stars:115

This project offers a StreamProvider, based on Google's FileProvider. Like FileProvider, StreamProvider is designed to serve up files, for reading and writing, through the ContentProvider interface (content:// Uri values). StreamProvider offers:


author:ckurtm stars:107

The Fastest Way to create a sql based ContentProvider in Android using annotations (No reflection).


author:jenzz stars:102

A nice little Android app that helps developers to discover and query content providers.


author:Triple-T stars:54

A simple way to write ContentProviders and SQL Databases for Android Apps.


author:ajaysahani stars:48

This library was designed for creating database using ContentProvider and for reducing complexity of database tables creation.

author:futuresimple stars:21

Utility for creating ContentProviders without boilerplate and with heavy customization options.


author:mirrajabi stars:19

Android library to get contacts using RxJava2.


author:futuresimple stars:18

Android library for populating the ContentProvider with test data.