author:clockbyte stars:193

Admobadapter is an Android library that makes it easy to integrate Admob native ads (both Express and Advanced) into ListView/RecyclerView in the way that is shown in the following image/animation.


author:ParkSangGwon stars:65

Mediation advertise helper for ADMOB, FACEBOOK - Support Native, Banner, Backpress Dialog, Front AD.


author:javiersantos stars:54

Android Library to check if there is an Ad Blocker enabled and shows a customizable dialog.


author:iamhabib stars:29

Easy way to show AdMob ads in Android.


author:ShockUtility stars:23

SmartAd is an easy-to-use library for AdMob and Audience Network advertising frameworks on iOS and Android.


author:Swisyn stars:19

Many ad blockers exist on Android, this is a real problem for developers that rely on ad incomes.

author:nateisner stars:15

A simple Android library that allows an ad slideshow to be added into any view in your app. A request is made to your server that hosts a XML file that lists urls for the location of ads to be displayed in your app. The images are then cached on disk for a simple slideshow to run through each image.


author:ISchwarz23 stars:14

Simple builder in plain Java to create requests to the Amazon Product Advertising API.


author:pamartineza stars:4

Get Appodeal SDK adding just a Gradle dependency line.