author:facebook stars:10130

Stetho is a sophisticated debug bridge for Android applications. When enabled, developers have access to the Chrome Developer Tools feature natively part of the Chrome desktop browser. Developers can also choose to enable the optional dumpapp tool which offers a powerful command-line interface to application internals.


author:amitshekhariitbhu stars:4957

Android Debug Database is a powerful library for debugging databases and shared preferences in Android applications.


author:seiginonakama stars:1798

A library for android which can help you to find heavy methods in your code when your app blocked, base on BlockCanary.


author:frogermcs stars:1398

Performance metrics library for Android development (including dagger2metrics).


author:palaima stars:921

Android Debug Drawer for faster development.


author:wasabeef stars:793

Takt is Android library for measuring the FPS using Choreographer.


author:hulab stars:629

DebugKit lib for Android allows you to use a fancy hovering debug tool to trigger some actions directly in the app. This tool is very useful to trigger some event at runtime, and to have a written feedback directly on your testing phone screen.


author:akaita stars:533

If you use RxJava2, you know the StackTrace it builds will tell you very little when an exception happens.


author:T-Spoon stars:457

Traceur enables easier debugging of RxJava2 exceptions, by appending the source of any asynchronous calls to the original exception.


author:patrickfav stars:187

Under the Hood is a flexible and powerful Android debug view library. It uses a modular template system that can be easily extended to your needs, although coming with many useful elements built-in.


author:jasonwyatt stars:140

Android DebugPort allows you to write and execute code within your app's context, at runtime, and from the comfort of your desktop computer's terminal. Think of it as a window into your application through which you can both inspect and modify its state.


author:jainsahab stars:92

Android Snooper is a HTTP inspector which leverages the interceptor mechanism provided by HTTP client and records all the HTTP calls made by the app. It then opens up an Activity to see the detailed history of HTTP calls made on onShake(When user shakes his device) event.


author:williamwebb stars:83

In your applications you often need to change certain configuration settings, monitor internal state or simply try to understand what, DebugDrawer allows you to easily add a slide out drawer with the ability to do this. Classes are provided to allow you to easily create your own additions to customize to your needs.


author:tomoima525 stars:74

A simple Android library to create Debugging menu.

author:garena stars:65

This lightweight library provides visual alerts to developers and QA when an issue happens during development / testing phase.


author:Kyson stars:62

A memory monitor on Android.


author:Manabu-GT stars:58

DebugOverlay is an Android library that allows developers to easily add custom overlay window/view for debugging purpose.


author:isacan stars:57

In-App Android Debugging Tool With Enhanced Logging, Networking Info, Crash reporting And More.


author:kk121 stars:33

Android library for debugging, Sqlite Databases, SharedPreferences and all types of files stored in internal storage directory, right from the app.

author:shikato stars:26

Info-dumper is a Stetho plugin which shows your android application's information.


author:Raizlabs stars:25

A powerful debug module that is fully pluggable, extendable, and very useful. It enables you to create your own Critter that contain UI elements which enable you configure your application on the fly.

author:nesterov-n stars:24

Draws debug grid over activities in android application.


author:tatocaster stars:20

Library uses SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW to show a build number and name over the top of apps.


author:alt236 stars:19

Floating Info is an Android application that displays the following in a system overlay window:


author:ttymsd stars:12

It is a debugging tool for measuring simple network traffic.


author:RobotPajamas stars:12

Stetho-Couchbase is a plugin for Stetho to enable visualizing and debugging Android Couchbase databases in Chrome.


author:jelic98 stars:6

Android library that lets developers modify configuration class(es) at runtime. Useful in situations when app's behaviour changes depending on fields in configuration class like theme switcher, user credentials, various flags, etc. Developers can alter these fields without recompiling source code.