author:jhalterman stars:2241

Failsafe is a lightweight, zero-dependency library for handling failures. It was designed to be as easy to use as possible, with a concise API for handling everyday use cases and the flexibility to handle everything else.


author:Sunzxyong stars:1342

Recovery can help you to automatically handle application crash in runtime.


author:drakeet stars:574

An uncaught exception handler library.

author:Workable stars:233

Error handling library for Android and Java.


author:tajchert stars:104

ExceptionWear is very simple library to solve problem of not passing exceptions from Android Wear devices to the phone. So if you release an app for smart-watches to Google Play and it will crash (and it will) you won't get any information about it.


author:JessYanCoding stars:102

Error Handle Of Rxjava.


author:osama-raddad stars:93

FireCrasher is designed to handle the Uncaught Exceptions in your android application and helps to recover without exiting from the application.


author:PomepuyN stars:57

Allows you to retrieve exceptions of an Android Wear app in your handheld's one. It is particularly useful if you're using a Crash Reporting library or if you implemented a way to retrieve crashes.


author:mthli stars:56

Collect UncaughtException when your Android App crash.


author:mmin18 stars:50

SafeLooper catches unexpected exceptions in Android applications to avoid showing force close dialog.


author:Malinskiy stars:46

The one true exception handler for Android.

author:Idolon-V stars:29

A sample project to demonstrate how one can catch an unhandled exception in Android and display a custom error dialog.


author:rerlanggas stars:21

This Android project allows to send Intent to destination Activity when app was closed (in the simplest way).